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Safer Sex
A statement from your host

The Story so Far


A statement from your host

This site aims to share the desires, pleasures and sensuality of a particular kind of male2male sex ... cock2cock frottage (frot). As well as enjoying the videos, pics ... stories both written and spoken, I hope you will find the site useful as a platform from which to support and expand sites that are spreading the word about cock2cock dick2dick frot.

Thanks for reading this.

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The Story so Far

I spent some of my adult life involved in theatre and story so it seemed totally natural that my first foray into creative writing for adults should be a cock2cock frot story. I began writing dick2dick frottage erotic stories for the Internet in 1999 and I was immediately struck by the enthusiasm for Cocktocock frot stories. Initially writing was a spare time activity, I learned basic site building skills and opened a website for my growing collection of short (and long) erotic stories.

Of course members of my site encouraged me to add cock2cock and dickfight images to accompany my writing. In 2004 I commissioned and directed a dick2dick photo shoot, resulting in the addition of 3 x 100 pic cocktocock slide shows for the Archive. I discovered that many men who join the site have often had little chance to see cock2cock pics made by a producer (me) of cocktocock frot pics and with an upfront frottage perspective. There are now over 2,000 pics in the members area. Hot, horny images of cock2cock frot, dick2dick jackoff, intercrural fucking and perineum pleasures. I have tried to portray cock2cock frottage sex as versatile and imaginative ... in no way lacking sensuality and erotic depth ... a sense of satisfaction.

For the last couple of years I've ploughed a lot of time and energy into bringing cock2cock streaming videos to Produced and directed by me these videos are made to measure for men who enjoy dick2dick to cum. Cock2cock frot, dick2dick jackoff and erotic dickfight are the main themes I've explored so far.

Short clips and one or two longer segments of dick on dick video action are peppered across the internet. Here on the video scenarios range from 9 to 38 minutes ... cock2cock to orgasm. There is no sense of accidental eroticism ... in my vids cock2cock is no-way idle foreplay. I hope men who are aroused by dick2dick sex will sense that these short movies are made by and for guys who enjoy cock2cock frottage and erotic dickfight.

Thanks for reading this.
Enjoy the site.

Copyright - 2016 All rights reserved


Safer Sex = Cock2cock Frottage

February 2013 - Safer Sex is a concept and a practice well known to men who have sex with men. WE know that safer sex does not mean simply using condoms for anal sex. It means being aware (questioning) the number of partners we have and the sex acts we enjoy with them. It means sharing (accurate and honest) information with sex partners about our sexual practices and history.

The concept and practice of RECREATIONAL SEX - (fun) - is something to which many men who have sex with men are committed as part of their way of life. Safer sex acts and information sharing with new sex partners can be and often IS seen as getting in the way of FUN - Guys say it's "A buzz kill!" Despite the KNOWN associated risks of multi-partnering and or protection free anal sex many men continue to ignore the risks. Inform yourself. Know the risks you and your partner taker when engaging in particular sex acts.

Definition of Safer Sex
ALL sexual activity presents a risk of acquiring HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis A,B,C and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The risk varies depending on the activity undertaken and the infection present. Safer sex is the physical, behavioural and practical steps individuals can take to reduce this risk.

Whilst people can be advised as how best to reduce the risk they may expose themselves to ... the practice of safer sex will vary greatly from person to person. There are many outside influences that will affect a persons decisions about safer sex practices and their ability to negotiate safer sex. ESPECIALLY IN CASUAL ENCOUNTERS. Relationship status, self-esteem, drug and alcohol use. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when advising about the practice of safer sex within this (men who have sex with men) population group and any other.
Guidelines serve ultimately to outline advice that can be used to inform men (including gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men) as to how best they can reduce the risk they may expose themselves to.
It should be noted that research is in places sparse and therefore this should be considered as a document of partial information that needs to be used in conjunction with other personal research in the field of sexual health.

HIV levels in gay men 'not falling'.
The article above by the UK BBC news outlet highlights the HIV infection stats which refuse to fall - despite many years of safer sex promotion.

Cultural shift in HIV attitudes.
The radio interview above by the UK BBC news outlet talks about how - despite many years of safer sex promotion - HIV infection is now seen as less serious than previously.

Non-penetrative sex - safer sex
Read the article above it has more information for you.

ALL the men in videos involving oral sex are known to me and have certified to me that they have undergone sexual health screening prior to taking part in my video productions. I asked for proof of screening even though the guys are my friends.

Thanks for reading this.


Onwards - 2016 launched in April 2007.

In addition to 3 complete collections of Cock2cock Frot Stories, at this time there are 180+ cock2cock frot, dickfight and dick2dick jackoff stories in the members’ Online Library. Creative writing for men who enjoy cock2cock to cum is an enjoyable endeavour. I have true relish and a fecund imagination for producing dick2dick erotic fiction.

Videos and Pics. The audio visual section has 2,000+ pics, hours of cock2cock videos, dickfight videos and dick2dick jackoff videos.
Cock2cock audio erotica (spoken stories) with 31 varied, horny tales to enjoy. Cock2cock audio erotica, the spoken stories section of this website is a fascinating sexual environ. Members (listeners) are able to experience my stories to their full effect … tone, intonation and the vocal demeanour of the storyteller (me) … breath life, tension and a bold eroticism of cock2cock sex. I add to the collection as technology and time permit.

April 2016 – I thank all those who have signed up to the site.


Cock2cock Slide shows members area has slide shows in a number of categories.

Each slide show is a pictorial scenario. Choose from Frottage, Cock2cock Jack Off and Dick Duels ... they are all hot, hot, hot!

All pics are exclusive to and produced for

Cock2cock Frottage - List of Titles.

After the Match
Frot All Over
Frot Break
Frot Fun
Frot Sensual
Suits Me

Dick Duels - List of Titles.

Erotic 5
Up Close and Personal
Erotic 1
Erotic 2
Erotic 3
Erotic 4
Rassle - Part 1
Rassle - Part 2
XSwords - Part 1
XSwords - Part 2

Cock2cock Jack Off - List of Titles.

First Up
Head On
Just Jack Off
Soccer Dads

Intercrurral - List of Titles.

Intercrurral 1
Perineum Pleasures


Cock2cock Stories - Online Library members area currently has 180 stories in our cock2cock online stories library.

Cock2cock Stories Volume 1 and Cock2cock One Offs are complete collections of Frot stories they debut on the site from April 2016.

Cock2cock Frottage, Cock2cock Jack Off and Dick Duels Tales ...
are only 3 of the more than a dozen other collections to choose from.

The preview area offers a sample story from most collections.


Cock2cock Spoken Stories members area currently has plenty of audio erotica to enjoy!
This is the ultimate in hands free, laid back, erotic stimulation.

Cock2cock Frottage - List of Titles.

That Vibe - 16 mins
Feel The Friction - 23 mins
Cock Up - 13 mins
French Frottage - 18 mins
The Frottage Thing - 15 mins
For A Man In Uniform - 16 mins
Hikers - 42 mins
The Gondolier - 20 mins
On Site - 41 mins
The Magic Bus - Part - 1 - 18 mins
The Magic Bus - Part - 2 - 29 mins
Not Love This Time - Part 1 - 28 mins
Not Love This Time - Part 2 - 23 mins
Not Love This Time - Part 3 - 37 mins
Not Love This Time - Part 4 - 27 mins

Cock2cock Jack Off - List of Titles.

Cock2cock Knuckle Shuffle - 20 mins
Horny Horny Horny - 36 mins
Prison Relief - 11 mins
Sure There's Time - 11 mins
Between You and Me - 19 mins
Put It There - 21 mins

Dick Duel Tales - List of Titles

Toe in the Water - 15 mins
Bound to Happen - 12 mins
XCountry XSwords - 19 mins
Cockring Clash - 16 mins
Simulation - 35 mins
Dick Duel Rassle - 20 mins
Bear's Den - Part 1 - 37 mins
Bear's Den - Part 2 - 34 mins
Bear's Den - Part 3 - 49 mins

Intercrurral - List of Titles

Pirate Pranks - 12 mins


Cock2cock videos

click Catalogue to see full list of vids in members area.

Short clips, one or two longer segments of cock2cock video action ... the odd frot or cock2cock jackoff scene ... they are peppered across the internet. Here on the video scenarios range from 9 to 40 minutes ... cock2cock frot to orgasm. There is no sense of accidental eroticism ... in my vids cock2cock frottage or cocktocock jackoff is no-way idle foreplay. I hope men who are aroused by dick2dick sex will sense that these short movies are made by and for guys who enjoy cock2cock frottage and erotic dickfight.


this is a complete list of the videos available to members

1 - Home Cumming - 15 minutes
2 - Morning After - 27 minutes
3 - Full On Frot - 38 minutes
4 - Frot Break Pt 1 - 32 minutes
4a - Frot Break Pt 2 - Intercrural Interlude
5 - Frot Break Pt 3 - 24 minutes
6 - 3way Frot Pt 1 - 33 minutes
7 - 3way Frot Pt 2 - 27 minutes
8 - Love Frot Pt 1 - 40 minutes
9 - Love Frot Pt 2 - 31 minutes
10 - Take it to the Bedroom Pt 1 - 27 minutes
11 - Take it to the Bedroom Pt 2 - 21 minutes
12 - Sums It Up Pt 1 - 20 minutes
13 - Sums It Up Pt 2 - 24 minutes
14 - Cum on my Cock Pt 1 - 32 mins
15 - Cum on my Cock pt 2 - 30 minutes
16 - Fooling Around - 20 mins
17 - Intercrural Fun - 15 minutes
18 - Hard2Frot - 24 minutes
19 - Lycra Frot Fun - 34 minutes
20 - Intercrural 2 - 24 minutes

Cock2cock Jackoff
1 - Jackoff - 12 minutes
2 - Fun Stuff - 22 minutes
3 - Laid Back - 33 minutes
4 - 3some - 20 minutes
5 - Hot Date - part 1 - 25 mins
6 - Hot Date - part 2 - 26 mins
7 - Wonderful Wanking - 23 mins
8 - Cock2cock Knuckle Shuffle - 36 mins
9 - Havin' Fun - part 1 - 21 mins
10 - Havin' Fun - part 2 - 18 mins
11 - Cock Fuck - 20 mins
12 - My Cock On Top - 28 mins
13 - Intense - 27 mins
14 - Horned Cocks - 27 mins
15 - Bonded Boners - 27 mins

Dick Duels
1 - Erotic 1 - 9 minutes
2 - Erotic 2 - 12 minutes
3 - Fantasy Rounds P1 - 25 minutes
4 - Fantasy Rounds P2 - 13 minutes
5 - Boxer Briefs Bout - 29 minutes
6 - Awesome - part 1 - 34 minutes
7 - Awesome - part 2 - 31 minutes
8 - Jock Bulge Battle - P1 - 19 minutes
9 - Bulge Battle Slowmo - P1 - 28 minutes
10 - Jock Bulge Battle - P2 - 26 minutes
11 - Close Up - 40 minutes
12 - Alpha Cocks Display- 30 minutes
13 - Alpha Cocks Cum- 38 minutes
14 - Alpha Bulge Battle Slomo- 40 minutes
15 - 3way Dick Duel - P1- 23 minutes
16 - POV - Fun - Intro- 10 minutes
17 - POV - Fun - 18 minutes
18 - 3way Dick Duel - P2 - 35 minutes
19 - Hardfite - 38 minutes

Balls2Balls 1 - For Your Information - 30 minutes
Balls2Balls 2 - Riding the Ridge - 25 minutes
Balls2Balls 3 - Ball Games - 28 minutes
Balls2Balls 4 - Find the Spot - 27 minutes
Balls2Balls 5 - Perineum Pleasures - 31 minutes

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